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FitBook Figure Line Alfa

FitBook is mark of a book deal with sport sphere and fitness
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studio Rathai
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10 January 2006

Editor's review

If you’re currently going through gymnastics or other athletic training, then only training won’t be enough to shape you up. You must pull up your socks to do some workout on your own to maintain shape and fitness, along with what trainers are teaching you. But experimenting on your physique won’t a good suggestion at all, so you must take up a cost-effective and easier yet effective assistant. One such assistant is provided to you in the form an ebook named FitBook Figure Line Alfa 1.2. It’s a fantastic ebook that features browser like interface integrated within an application setup, which also does not require any installation. It provides you with quality and basic information relating fitness, wellness, and body building required for realizing training goals. Not just athletes, but it also imparts instructions for anyone who wants to improve figure and health.

FitBook Figure Line Alfa 1.2 informs you about important issues concerning exercising and nutrition, along with vitamins, minerals, and other aspects. Providing different segments like ‘Figure for everyone’, ‘Figure line key’, ‘Bulk key’, and ‘Medicine Fitness’ to deal with different fitness and body building issues. It helps you with slimness problems, diet management, muscular growth, energy balance, etc. It imparts several tables presenting energy balance along with caloric outputs and intake with several activities, and also highlights importance of exercising for organism. It even stresses upon human’s psychological aspects that relate to coordination between motivation and exercising. The book approx 450 pages is available in different languages and features different spheres including products nutritive value, energy balances, training examples, Glycaemia index, intensification graphs, reducing diets, tests, vitamin tables, Calver caloric versions, recipes, etc.

With impressive interface FitBook Figure Line Alfa 1.2 book has piled up great deal of information relating fitness, maintaining shape, and body building. For the detailed information gathered along with its easily negotiable interface environment, the ebook is rated with 4 points.

Publisher's description

FitBook is mark of a book deal with sport sphere and fitness. FitBook Line is electronic book version, application that runs browser without installation into the operating system.
You can get in the browser the basic and quality information about wellness.
FitBook is a program and within the scope of project „Figure for everyone“ puts for a goal to give suitable information to current or future gymnasts of fitness and body building which are needed to realize training goals. At the same time, FitBook is textbook for my sport clients and it is instruction for people who want with the help of tested scientific principles and progress, improve their condition, figure and health…
FitBook Line see and inform public about crucial issue of exercising, nutrition and the others aspect in extensive sections of nutrition, vitamins and minerals (VitaPlus).
FitBook more deeply see problem of slimness and reducing diets in a part „Figure line key“.
You find knowledge of muscular growth in professional bodybuilding in the part „Bulk key“.
FitBook shows up generally with lot of tables energy balance of caloric outputs and intake on various activities, highlights exercising importance for organism in sections „Medicine Fitness“. The FitBook doesn’t miss out psychological aspects relevant to exercising and analysis of motivation also mental coordinating components.
FitBook Line issued in many languages has almost 450 pages about fitness. FitBook contents tens tables about following spheres – nutritive value of products, energy balances, Glycaemia index, examples of training, reducing diets, intensification graphs, tests, Calver caloric versions, vitamin tables, recipes etc.
FitBook Figure Line Alfa
FitBook Figure Line Alfa
Version 1.2
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